2019 Chicken Deposit

Oh, the flavor! These birds have the rich flavor of an old-fashioned chicken. Once you have one of them, you won’t want to go back to mass-produced industrial chicken again.

We raise our meat chickens on pasture, regularly moving them to fresh grass in Joel Salatin-style mobile chicken coops. The coops have no floor, so the birds have constant access to the grass and insects they love to eat. The coops provide protection from predators while allowing access to fresh air. Our supplemental feed is unmedicated, soy-free and non-GMO, but not certified organic.

We take our fattened birds to Valley View Poultry in Bloomfield for state-inspected processing. We sell whole birds only, no cut-up pieces.

We plan to raise four groups of pastured chickens during the summer of 2019. You can reserve those on this page. Please call or email to ask about availability of frozen chickens from past batches.

Fresh whole chicken, no giblets, packaged in freezer bags. Pay a $5 per chicken deposit to reserve yours from our limited supply.



Fresh whole chicken, packaged in freezer bags. Pay a $5 per chicken deposit here to reserve yours from our limited supply.

When you pick up your birds on one or more of the designated processing dates, we’ll take the total weight of your order times the price per pound minus your deposit to arrive at the total due (payable by check or cash at pickup). Pre-orders of 10 birds or more from any of our 2019 batches will receive a 25 cent per pound discount at pickup.

$4.25/lb (Cornish Cross hybrid) or $5/lb (Dark Cornish heritage breed). Raised on pasture with non-GMO, soy-free, unmedicated supplemental feed.

  • The Cornish Cross hybrid, a result of the cross between a Cornish and a Plymouth Rock, is bred specifically for growing very large very quickly. These are the standard chickens used by the big chicken producers, so you’re most likely used to eating this breed of chicken. Our customers tell us, however, that the flavor of our chickens will beat the flavor of the typical mass-produced and mass-processed grocery store chicken every time.
  • The Dark Cornish, a breed recognized since before 1900, is known for its “gourmet quality” meat. Their proportions differ from typical grocery store chickens; they have longer legs, larger thighs for their size, and thinner breasts. The meat is very dark and flavorful.

We are targeting an average size of 4-6 lbs for these chickens, but some will be smaller and some will be larger. We try to get everyone the size they prefer, but we can’t guarantee any specific weights. The total cost could range from $12.75 – $26 for each chicken, with an average price of $21 (Cornish Cross) or $18 (Dark Cornish). The Dark Cornish tend to be on the smaller side.

We will have 4 batches of birds processed in 2019:

June 25 (Cornish Cross)

August 5 (Cornish Cross)

September 17 (Dark Cornish)

October 1 (Cornish Cross)

Pickup times for fresh pre-ordered broiler chickens: 4-7pm on each processing day. If you’re a farm member, you may pick up your fresh chickens with your vegetable share on processing day or the following day. Chickens not picked up within 1 day of processing will be frozen.


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