IMG_20150703_084307008 Our meat chickens are raised on pasture and moved to fresh grass daily in Joel Salatin-style mobile chicken coops. The coops have no floor, so the birds have constant access to the grass, alfalfa, and insects they love to eat. The coops provide protection from predators while allowing access to fresh air. Our supplemental feed is unmedicated, soy-free and non-GMO, but not organic to keep the meat affordable.

Instead of transporting the birds to a far-away processor when they are mature, we process them ourselves on-farm. We sell whole birds only, no cut-up pieces. No giblets are included. Finished chickens are packaged in freezer bags with the processing date and weight written on each bag.

We plan to raise four groups of pastured chickens during the summer of 2017. To reserve your birds, visit our online store and select the date(s) you will be able to pick up the birds at our farm. Pickup times will be 3-7pm  Friday June 16, August 11, September 22 (heritage breed), and October 6. Add the selected date(s) to your basket and then adjust the quantity before you check out. Reservation prices are $5 per bird, with the balance to be paid based on weight at pickup.

All but the September batch will be the hybrid Cornish Cross breed.

  • This is the same breed of chicken that you’ll typically find sold as broilers at the grocery store with very large breasts. Customers last year said the flavor was outstanding compared to store-bought chicken.
  • $4.25/lb
  • Expected to average 4 lbs each.

The September batch will be a non-hybrid (heritage breed) called Dark Cornish.

  • These birds take twice as long to reach market weight as the hybrid Cornish Cross. More hands-on care translates to a slightly higher cost. Why pay more per pound for a smaller-breasted bird? They are reputed to have more flavor! Breast size in these birds will be smaller in comparison to the hybrid Cornish, but their legs and thighs are larger in proportion to the breast. They’re a dark meat lover’s dream.
  • $5/lb
  • Expected average 4 lbs each.

“But I only buy boneless skinless chicken breasts and wouldn’t know what to do with a WHOLE chicken,” you say? Here’s a quick list of reasons why you want to buy the whole bird.

  1. It’s not as hard as you think. Throw a thawed bird in the crock pot and the meat will fall off the bone after about 6 hours on low.
  2. Put the bones back the crock pot with water to cover them, let it cook for another day on low, and strain for nutritious, delicious broth.
  3. If you’re only buying breasts, you’re missing out on the delightful dark meat.
  4. Cold leftover chicken on a salad or sandwich makes a simple, tasty lunch and
  5. Who doesn’t love a whole oven-roasted chicken with crispy skin? Throwing a chicken in the oven is almost as easy as throwing it in the crock pot.
  6. You need to get out of your chicken rut and try something new!😉