heirloom defined The Heirloom name has a dual meaning for us. We choose to raise heirloom produce and heritage breeds for their superior flavor and surpassing beauty. In contrast, the typical hybrid produce you find at the grocery store is grown because it travels well from the farm to the store, every unit is the same size, shape, and color, and it produces a high yield for the farmer and his harvesting machines. This model produces abundant, convenient food for most of the modern world, and most of the world is perfectly happy with the situation.

Heirlooms, however, don’t like to conform. Our choice to grow them probably has something to do with us being a bit headstrong and non-conformist ourselves. Many of these varieties have been all but forgotten as large-scale agriculture has taken over most of our food production system with hybrids that are easy to grow and ship. We believe that the biodiversity heirlooms provide is important for our health and the health of our ecosystem. And heirlooms are wildly flavorful. You can’t go wrong with flavor.

Additionally, we believe it is worthwhile to involve our children in the daily operation of the farm, managing it as a business that can be passed on to them once we’re too old to pull weeds. The skills and experience they gain by working alongside us in the family business will be heirlooms in and of themselves.