Things to do at your local farm

Are you looking for activities to do at a small farm in Central Iowa? Check out what’s on our farm’s calendar! Most of our events are kid-friendly. Some events are for our CSA members only, others are open to the public. Are you interested in an event that is for CSA members only but you’re not a member? Learn more about becoming member at Heirloom Farm by visiting If you’re interested in arranging a group tour or field trip, contact us here.

What’s on the calendar?

Here’s a list of the upcoming events we’re either hosting or attending to help cultivate strong relationships, both among our CSA members and with our friends in the neighboring communities. We hope to see YOU at the next one!

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Why is a vegetable farm hosting events?

At our farm, we believe that strong relationships are important. We market our vegetables through a CSA program, and CSA does stand for COMMUNITY Supported Agriculture, after all! What better way to really know where your food comes from than to personally know the farmers yourself? Every Heirloom Farm CSA member has direct access to the farmers and the land. We encourage our members to build community among themselves as well.

What’s the benefit of taking time out to visit the farm?

Local farm activities bring everyone together to enjoy the relaxing country atmosphere. In our busy modern way of life, it’s healthy to break away from our hectic routines and get back to our rural roots. Slowing down and developing face-to-face relationships with real people is what digitally overloaded families crave. Cultivating this sense of true community built around our common interests of good healthy food and sustainable agriculture is our goal at Heirloom Farm.

Things to do at a local farm

Our family hopes to see YOU at Heirloom Farm’s events!

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