Red Velvet – loose lettuce

Red Velvet Lettuce

Slobolt -loose lettuce

Red Salad Bowl – loose lettuce

Red Salad Bowl Lettuce

Baby Oakleaf – loose lettuce

Baby Oakleaf Lettuce


Storage Tip: Refrigerate the lettuce in the plastic bag it comes in and wash it prior to eating, or wash and store your lettuce for later. Be sure to dry thoroughly if you plan to wash and then store for later.

Washing Instructions: We rinse all greens at the farm, but it would be a good idea to fill your clean sink with very cold water and swish the leaves around in it. Let it soak for a few minutes, swish again and then dry thoroughly with a salad spinner, gently on towels, or by twirling in a mesh bag outside. You can have a salad right away or roll them loosely in a kitchen towel, put the towel in a plastic bag, and refrigerate in the vegetable bin.

Recipes Containing Lettuce:

Lime and Fresh Mint Vinaigrette

Nutritional Value