The farm follows organic principals, but does not plan to pursue organic certification. Rather than paying a USDA agent to certify our farming practices, we choose to build a relationship of trust with our members by disclosing our farming practices and inviting frequent farm visits. Our produce is grown without using conventional pesticides, fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation.

IMG_20140725_195354189 To control pests, we have a three-fold strategy. First, we plan the layout of our plantings to ensure a diverse ecology which promotes beneficial animals and insects and deters the harmful ones. Second, we use physical barriers to protect plants during critical times. And finally, we would consider using certified organic pesticides only when absolutely necessary to prevent catastrophic crop loss.

We follow a no-tillage/minimal tillage practice to promote soil health and encourage beneficial microbial life. We regularly add compost and manure to the soil to increase productivity. We liberally use mulch to control weeds, add nutrients to the soil, andto protect the soil from erosion. The mulch also holds moisture, reducing the need for us to irrigate.

The chickens and eggs that we make available for purchase come from animals that are not given antibiotics or growth hormones. Our birds are kept indoors safe from predators at night and are allowed free access to the outdoors during the day. Their supplemental feed is soy-free and non-GMO. In addition, they regularly receive fruit and vegetable scraps from our fields. In return, they provide ample fertilizer.